Target tench with these great tips

September can be a brilliant month for tench. With water temperatures still warm, so the fish feed before it gets cooler – and that can lead to some superb fishing. Follow our tips and make this weekend one to remember…

Top tips for big barbel

With autumn here and a deluge of rain following warm weather, there’s never been a better time to target barbel.
Catching one of these hard-fighting specimens is an unforgettable experience, and they’ll be feeding hard in the coming weeks.
Follow our expert tips and give yourself the best chance possible of landing one this weekend….

Top 10 waggler tips

Watching a float slide away under the surface has to be among the finest sights in angling.
Follow our superb waggler tips and go and enjoy a bit of old school fishing this weekend…we promise you won’t be disappointed!
Go on, you’re just a click away from catch a few more fish!

50 of the best angling tips ever!

Here they are….50 of the best fishing tips ever!
From bream to barbel and carp to chub, there are edges and tricks for all our major coarse fish species – each one designed to give you that crucial edge this weekend.
Don’t leave for the bank without reading them!

10 tips to a big bream haul

August is a great month to target bream, with the fish feeding hard as the temperatures begin to rise.
But what’s the best way to catch them…and what baits work better than others?
Here’s 10 tips to help you catch a netful on your next session….

Top 10 floater tips

It’s surely the most exciting form of coarse angling there is – but do you know how to catch carp off the top?
With the weather warming up, it’s by far the most effective way of targeting the species and beats a static boilie on the bottom approach all day long.
Learn key tips with us and enjoy a weekend to remember…

Top tips to catch a mega weight!

Catching 100lb used to require a ferry trip to Ireland but with the advent of commercials, it’s on the cards for all anglers.
But how do you get that key edge?
We’ve pulled together 15 of the finest carp-catching tips that will help you bag a net-ful this weekend…

15 tricks with maggots!

Maggots are the UK’s favourite bait – and it’s little wonder why!
Eaten by almost all coarse fish, they are the go-to choice of many anglers ever single weekend.
Check out these 15 tips, each one designed to get you more bites on your next session!

16 quick-fire carp tips to give you an edge

Summer is a superb time for catching carp.
Eager to feed as the water temperatures warm up, the savvy angler can enjoy success at this time of year.
Follow our easy to digest quick-fire tips – each one designed to help you catch more…

Top tips for fishing the Method Feeder

It’s one of the best commercial fishery tactics, but fishing the Method isn’t just a ‘sit back and wait for the rod to rip around’ approach.
Learn how to get it right and catch more fish this weekend.
Go on, you’re just a click away from being a better angler…