Barbel require strong tackle


The barbel is among the hardest-fighting of our freshwater fish. Learn more about them now!

Bream are a popular coarse fish


Bream are a shoal fish that love nothing more than to eat. Discover more about them here.

Carp are the UK's favourite species


Whether big or small, carp are probably the most sought-after fish of them all. Learn more now.

The head of a big catfish


Few species grow as big, and pull back as hard, as catfish. You can learn more about them here.

Chub are a naturally a river-dwelling species


Wily, cunning and evasive, chub can be tricky to catch. Discover more about them right here.

Returning a crucian carp

Crucian carp

Few British coarse fish are prettier than the elusive crucian carp. Study them in detail here.

The freshwater eel


They may not be fashionable, but eels are a truly fascinating species. Learn more now.

Perch - the most handsome of coarse fish


With its spiky dorsal fin and war paint stripes, the perch is instantly recognisable. Discover more.

A pike lies in wait


A perfect predator, the pike is our most fearsome freshwater species. Learn more about them now.

Roach - the anglers' favourite fish


Widespread and obliging, surely every angler loves roach. Discover more about them today.