Diem Eco Bite Alarm

RRP £5.99. Now only £2.99 By Steve Savoury “When my old alarms packed in I really wanted a set that looked a bit more modern […]

Diem Weigh Scale

Was £49.99 Now £22 By Simon Milton “It always wear a wry smile when I see carp anglers boasting all the best rods, reels, bivvy […]

Avanti Stand and Deliver DBH3000 Reel

RRP £19.99 Now only £8.75 By Vic Stapleton “I was looking for a good all-rounder, something that was just at home floatfishing for silverfish as […]

Carbon FX Bite Alarm Set

RRP £49.99. Now only £22 By Alan Holland “I first saw this set of alarms two years ago when my good friend, John Walker, had […]

Dragon Carp Terminal Tackle

Prices from 99p By Ollie Reeve “I have long since learnt that most tackle is aimed at catching anglers and not just fish. Companies spend […]

Diem AT Boots

Was £79.99 Now £39.99 By Dan Greenaway “With Winter now upon us I decided it was high time to invest in a proper pair of […]

Diem Session Shelter

RRP £69.99 Now only £34.99 By John Francis “When it comes to the warmer months I enjoy overnighters and have been on the look out […]

Avanti Carp Keepnet

Was £25.99. Now £12.99 By Paul Bridger “In the old days you only ever needed one net. It was probably round in shape, had quite […]

Diem K Lite Bedchair

RRP £169.99 Now £73 By Scott Rundle “Getting the right bedchair is absolutely crucial if you spend as many nights as me on the bank. […]

Diem XT Carp Rods

RRP £69.99. From £32.99   By Gaz Preston “The first time these rods hit the UK market I was too late. A mate bought a […]