Target tench with these great tips

A tench underwater

September can be a great month for tench. With water temperatures still on the warm side, the fish will go on the feed before it gets noticeably cooler. That means if you get your tactics right then a big bag is on the cards. Follow our tips and make this weekend one to remember…

When fish roll, cast a marker to the area and find out why they are there. This can then be used around the lake.

Locate natural food larders, like silt beds, These are full of bloodworm and likely to be a magnet for all fish – including tench.

Dawn is a great time for tenchTime spent wandering around your venue is never time wasted. Use a marker float to make a map of the lake’s bottom – this will prove invaluable when picking a swim.


The Method is an excellent tactic for tench but you want to ensure your Method ball hits the lake bed without breaking up. Glaze it with water before casting to ensure it stays intact.

Accuracy when legering or feeder fishing is essential so tie pole elastic into a water knot to mark your lines. This will enable you to establish whether you’ve hit the same spot.

Casters are among the finest tench baits of all. Keep them in lake water and change it regularly – this will prevent them from darkening.

Tench respond brilliantly to a Method of maggot feeder fished in conjunction with a very short hooklength of a couple of inches. If you fish like tis, don’t use less than 12lb breaking strain – over such a short length anything else will snap.

Ensure you take plenty of bait with you. Fish are at their hungriest in spring!

Dynamite Baits Hi-Attract liquid - ideal for giving you bait a boost

Dynamite Baits Hi-Attract liquid – ideal for giving you bait a boost

Red maggots are brilliant for tench. For an extra boost, try adding flavouring.

Regular re-casting of a feeder is essential to keep fresh feed in the swim. Tench are a species that respond to the splash of a feeder hitting the surface so don’t be shy!

Tench are predominantly day feeders so a bivvy is largely unnecessary. But be prepared for an early start – you want to be at the water for first light to spot rolling and fizzing fish.

Position yourself in the face of the wind. Natural food will collect on your bank – and the fish won’t be far away.

The margins are a great place to find tench. But in Spring they will  still be in the deeper water so fish at the bottom of the shelf.

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