500lb tuna caught off Wales!

A shark fishing trip 45 miles off the Welsh coast took a dramatic turn when Andrew Alsop connected with a 500lb Atlantic bluefin tuna!

The respected skipper, who runs White Water Charters out of Milford Haven, then spent the next two-hours doing battle with monster, which towed the boat two-and-a-half miles from where it was hooked.

Using a rod 48-year-old Andrew had designed himself, he hooked the fish – measuring 7ft 7ins – while fishing an area known as Celtic Deep. What followed was a remarkable fight that left the captor nursing aching limbs.

“I really didn’t think we had any chance in a million years of holding it,” said Andrew. “At one stage I thought, I can’t do this, the fish was pinwheeling and fighting. But I had to land it, or it would just have been another fisherman’s tale.

“I knew it would be big but when it eventually came up it was even more massive than I thought. It took six of us to get it on board.”

Bluefin tuna are recognised by the World Wide Fund for Nature as an endangered species. Specifically targeting them is illegal and the advice is to return those caught accidentally as quickly as possible.

“We made sure we had plenty of photos then put him back in the water – he was pretty tired but hopefully he would be OK,” added Andrew. “It was an absolutely mad day, to be honest, and I was aching all over afterwards. I’d gone with the boys for a day out shark fishing but we never expected this. It is the fish of a lifetime.”