Dragon Carp Terminal Tackle

Dragon Carp Terminal Tackle - great value for moneyPrices from 99p

By Ollie Reeve

“I have long since learnt that most tackle is aimed at catching anglers and not just fish. Companies spend fortunes trying to convince us that their stuff is better than everyone else’s, when the truth is it’s all much the same. And never is that more true than in the world of terminal tackle.

“Look, I’m not a fool. I’m well aware that taking a risk by buying sub-standard gear is a recipe for disaster but as long as you do your homework, you can still have supreme confidence in your set-up….without spending a small fortune.

“Take the hundreds of superb items available in Terminal Tackle section of the Dragon Carp Direct website. Hidden away here are loads of really very good bits and pieces that are on a par with the big name brands in every way except price.

Dragon Carp Terminal Tackle“I’ve been buying beads, swivels, tubing, boilie stops, lead clips, braid, putty and more for the last 18 months and not one thing I’ve bought has let me down. I’m not an ‘expert’ but I’m serious carp angler who needs to watch what he spends. So I know what’s cheap cr*p and what’s a no-nonsense product at a great price.

“Do yourself a favour. Ignore the marketing machines that spin all manner of meaningless waffle, and take a look at this gear. It might not come in fancy packaging and it might not be used by ‘stars’, but it will catch plenty of fish – and save you a few quid in the process.”