Diem Weigh Scale

Diem Weigh Scale - brilliant value for moneyWas £49.99 Now £22

By Simon Milton

“It always wear a wry smile when I see carp anglers boasting all the best rods, reels, bivvy and everything else, yet have a naff set of scales. To me, these are vital. In a sport that’s measured mostly in pounds and ounces, why risk mis-weighing your prized catch with inadequate kit? It just makes no sense to me.

“However, there’s also a myth that says quality scales cost the earth. They don’t. How do I know? Because I bought a set from Diem for just £22 and they are excellent.

“Superbly made from a toughened polycarbonate body, both the hook and the hang loop are made from stainless steel and they really are a joy to use. There’s no double revolution that causes confusion and the numbers are big and clear so mistakes are almost impossible to make. They also look great too, featuring a camo dial face and prominent Diem logo on the front.

The new scales from Diem come supplied with protective bag

The new scales from Diem come supplied with protective bag

“I’ve got the 60lb scales that measure in 2oz divisions (as optimistic as I am, I’m don’t fish waters where I’m going to catch anything bigger!) but you can also get them to weigh up to 120lb.

“Of course there is one key question: are they accurate? Absolutely! A couple of weeks ago I had a 23lb fish that I asked a mate to re-weigh just to be sure. He had a set of the best digital scales money can buy and his result was exactly the same as my Diems.

“Fantastic value – a genuine bargain.”