Avanti Stand and Deliver DBH3000 Reel

The Stand and Deliver DBH3000 ReelRRP £19.99 Now only £8.75

By Vic Stapleton

“I was looking for a good all-rounder, something that was just at home floatfishing for silverfish as it was for Method fishing for commercial carp. I might be a rarity these days, but I fish for all sorts and with my budget on the small side, I needed something that could do a bit of everything. Thankfully, I found the new Stand and Deliver – and what a reel it is!

“Let me begin by describing the physical appearance of the reel. It really does look very good, and is finished in dark, metallic grey. In the hand, it feels compact and well-built and although my knowledge of kit is exceptional, when I wound the handle there was no wobble whatsoever and the spool ‘purred’ nicely.

“But how did it fish? I loaded it up one of four supplied spools with 6lb line and headed of my to local commercial. I know the Method can be looked at being a lazy tactic but I love the adrenaline rush when the rod gets ripped from the rests by a runaway carp. The fish in the venue run to mid-doubles and I was fortunate enough to catch a few on that first outing with the reel and it behaved brilliantly. I’d never fished with a double-handle model before and I found reeling in and playing fish that much easier. The rear drag was also surprisingly sensitive and gave line on demand.

“The second time I used it was on the River Thames. I love waggler fishing for the roach and bream. Again, the reel performed well and I was able to punch out a float a good 30 yards without any problems and the 5:1.1 gear ratio and three ball bearings ensured reeling in on a regular basis was painless.

“All in all, I’m delighted with the the Stand and Deliver. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best £8.75 I’ve ever spent on kit!”