Diem AT Boots


Was £79.99

Now £39.99

By Dan Greenaway

“With Winter now upon us I decided it was high time to invest in a proper pair of fishing boots. I’d made do in the past, buying cheap wellies and wearing an extra pair of socks but I only ever ended with freezing cold feet. And, as the old saying goes, an uncomfortable angler isn’t a very good angler.

“Diem is a brand I’d become familiar with in the Summer. I bought a few t-shirts, a pair of joggers and a lightweight rain jacket that kept me going during the warmer months. The quality of the gear is excellent and the price even better!

“So when I saw the AT Boots online, I decided to get involved. It turned out to be a good decision!

“After a month’s worth of wear I can report they are both 100% waterproof, incredibly warm (thanks to the Thinsulate thermal lining) and absolutely rock solid. The soles are great and give excellent grip even on the muddiest bank. The ankle support also ensure added comfort.

“Overall I’m delighted with these boots – they look great, offer great value and make Winter fishing a pleasure again.”