Avanti Carp Keepnet

94014118_lWas £25.99. Now £12.99

By Paul Bridger

“In the old days you only ever needed one net. It was probably round in shape, had quite large holes in the construction, and if you could fill it with bream you’d be a happy angler.

Well, things have changed. I’m now going on club matches to commercial venues that don’t allow that style of net.

Also, regulations are such that you can sometimes only put 50lb in a keepnet and when carp weights can go over 150lb in a five hour competition that completely changes the game. You suddenly need lots of nets!

That’s why I’ve purchased FOUR of these keepnets. Yes, that might sound excessive but it’s not.

You see, at only £12.99 each I’ve only paid the same amount as I would have done years ago for a quality net.

And these keepnets are quality. Made from soft sacking that won’t damage the carp’s fins, they have been given the Angling Foundation badge of approval.

They have a robust construction and a tilt head for the bank stick ensuring I can have any angle I choose.

Some tackle deals are too good to miss out on… and this is one of them – get on it!”