Diem K Lite Bedchair

The Diem K Lite bedchair

The Diem K Lite bedchair

RRP £169.99

Now £73

By Scott Rundle

“Getting the right bedchair is absolutely crucial if you spend as many nights as me on the bank. I’ve tried cutting corners on cost before but it only ever leads to a poor night’s sleep which is no good when you have to get to work after fishing.

“As soon as I bought the Diem K Lite I knew I had a serious piece of kit. It is incredibly well made and sturdy. The eight adjustable legs and deluxe mud feet mean you can get in exactly the right position no matter how uneven the bank. But what really stuck out for me was the comfort. The mattress (which is removable) is extremely comfortable and the pillow (also removable) is equally comfy. Crucially, it’s also lovely and wide (the dimensions are 80ins long, 39ins wide) so even us big lads have room!

“I’ve used mine over 10 times in the last few weeks and every single night has been a pleasure. Highly recommended.”