Diem XT Carp Rods

RRP £69.99. From £32.99


Diem XT Carp RodsBy Gaz Preston

“The first time these rods hit the UK market I was too late. A mate bought a pair and after seeing is I went to get two of my own, but they’d sold out. Everybody else in the market for a quality carp rod must have had the same plan!

“I wasn’t going to make another mistake so when I got the nod they were back in stock, I ordered a pair. If anything, these are even better than the originals.

“Built around thin carbon matt black blanks, they really are classy-looking rods. A massive 50 inch butt ring, coupled with Hi-Rise SIC Matsuku guides and a full length neoskin handle add to the feeling of quality. They come in a two test curves – 3lb and 3.5lb – and I opted for the largest of the two because much of my fishing is done at range.

“I’ve had them out a dozen times or so since I bought them and I’ve got to say I’m delighted with them. I can comfortably reach the required distance and everything about the look and feel is ‘carpy’. I’d honestly expect to pay three times the price – they really are that good.”