Avanti 12.5m GTR Carbon 1250 pole

The Avanti 12.5m GTR Carbon 1250 pole is a superb bit of kitRRP £199.99Now only £85!

By Paul Baker

“When my 13-year-old lad said he wanted a pole for his birthday, I had a few reservations. Obviously I wanted to encourage him but I didn’t want to spend a fortune either. So when I saw the Avanti 12.5m GTR Carbon 1250 pole for just £99.99, I decided to give it a go.

“The price point was the obvious carrot but the fact it came with five top sections was an added reason. Although he mainly fishes carp pools, I’m keen to get him on ‘proper’ venues like canals and rivers, so the options allow multiple elastics and no hassle when it comes to changing tactics.

“My only real reservation was the weight issue. Would it be too heavy for a lad? Well, I’m glad to report that the answer is ‘no’. He has used it at full length on numerous occasions and not only is it perfectly manageable for him, there’s also virtually no sag when fished at 12.5m.

“The sections are sturdy with good wall strength, a real bonus when in the not too careful hands of a teenage lad!

“I can give this pole an unequivocal thumbs up – and at just £85 it’s a real bargain.”