25 brilliant bait tips!

Catch big carp with the help of our tips

Late Spring can provide some superb fishing as numerous species wake up after the Winter slumber. But you’ll need a few edges to keep the bites coming. We’ve pulled together 25 of the best bait tips to help give you that crucial edge this weekend…

1 Use a meat punch to make cylinders of bread and then hair-rig under a size 12 hook. This can be devastating on commercials as the weather warms up.

Fake baits are

Fake baits can be boosted with all types of flavours. Experiment!

2 Artificial baits are brilliant but they can often require an extra flavour boost. Cheap alternative to purpose-made glugs are things like Marmite, which is an excellent attractant.

3 Lobworms can come off barbless hooks. Solve this problem by adding a small square of elastic band on to the shank to trap it.

4 Luncheon meat is a proven winner both on commercials and for the likes of barbel but it’s worth trying something like garlic sausage. Toughen it up by frying on one side.

5 Meat can also be brilliant in groundbait – but it needs to be minced up first. A maggot riddle is a great tool for this job.

6 Lots of species love salt – so add a little to your groundbait mix.

7 The pike season might be at an end, but you can still store deadbaits for next winter. Coat them with water and wrap them in sealed freezer bags or cling film. This will keep them in tip-top condition.

You'll get more accuracy with a catapult if your groundbait balls are uniform.

Pre-baiting for bream really does work!

8 Prebaiting remains a brilliant tactic for bream. Feed over a few evenings and in a short space of time the fish should be waiting.

9 Catmeat is a perennial favourite on commercials but it can come off the hook easily. Try coating in groundbait and air-drying for about 45 minutes – the end result is a more rubbery bait.

10 Don’t just use water to make maggots float – try a carbonated drink instead. It will add extra sweetness to the bait as well as making them buoyant.

11 It won’t be long before the floater fishing season starts again. A great alternative to the standard dog biscuit is a boilie of the same colour. Whittle it down to the preferred shape and glue to the shank of the hook.

12 Naturals like cockles and prawns are fantastic alternatives for the likes of chub, perch, carp and tench.

13 Broken, or better still, crumbed boilies work brilliantly for species like carp and barbel. This is especially true when the water’s cold and you don’t want to over-feed them. Break up in a CK Boilie Smasher and poor into a PVA bag.

Pellets are perfect for spring carp

Add different sizes of pellets to your PVA bags

14 Use differing sizes of pellet when adding to a PVA bag. Try a mix of breakdown rates too for that extra edge.

15 Tip off hair-rigged baits like boilies with fake, buoyant corn. This will offset the weight of the hook and allow the the bait to enter the mouth of the fish with greater ease. 

16 When the water is still cold and clear, a darker groundbait tends to work best.

17 There are lots of different additives that will give your groundbait added punch but why not try pouring in an energy drink? These are packed with sugar and will add fizz.

18 Ever tried peanut butter as a bait dip for the likes of boilies? The crunchy texture is a real winner for carp.

19 Don’t just use water to make maggots float – try a carbonated drink instead. It will add extra sweetness to the bait as well as making them buoyant.

20 Dead maggots don’t crawl away so quickly and can an ideal feed on commercials. Kill them in super quick time with piping tea from your flask.

21 When the water is coloured and barbel are the target, a potent bait is required. Add an extra dose of flavouring to really make it stand out.

22 Liquidised bread and breadpunch is a great late season combination for roach. Pep up your feed by adding a good helping of Tumeric.

23 Pulped sweetcorn is a fantastic attractant for carp, tench and bream. It has low food content but leaves an enticing scent and cloud in the water.

March is a great time for a big roach

March is a great time for a big roach

24 April and May can be great times to target big roach. A lobworm tails is a much underrated bait for the species.

25 Hemp might be widely recognised as a great attractor for most species but even something as good as this needs spicing up. Try adding a couple of whole chillies when boiling you next batch. It’s a proven fish-catcher….

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