Avanti Bait Applicator


RRP £29.99. Now only £9.99

By James Williams

I first saw this gadget at the back end of the Summer when a short film showing the Bait Applicator in use appeared on Dragon Carp’s Facebook page.

I don’t buy lots of rods and reels as mine don’t really wear out but I am partial to a new trick or two so I decided to invest in this piece of kit. And I have to say that it works perfectly now that I’ve had a few trips out with the Applicator.


The trick to the gadget is getting the paste mixture spot on – I use groundbait and egg just as in the film. Next up is pressure, keep tightening the screw as you use more paste. And finally, when you squeeze the trigger keep it down until your blob of paste is big enough and smothers the hook. It might sound complicated but once you’ve got your Bait Applicator it’ll be dead simple and plain sailing.

In the few sessions I’ve used it I’ve caught loads of carp, bream and even big roach. The technique makes baiting up quick and simple and less fiddly – a bait gadget well worth having.