Bait Tech Mighty Meat


RRP £3.99. Now only £2.99

By Jeff Trueman

I’ve been a ‘meat’ angler for many years and I really believe in the bait as an instant attractor – there’s not much it won’t catch.

But meat isn’t just meat… you have to get the consistency right otherwise it’ll keep coming off the hair or hook.

It wants to be resilient… but not as hard as concrete as the little flakey bits that break off can draw fish.

Meat is like a sponge. It takes on flavours really well and because of that quality it emits flavour notes to fish from neighbouring swims. I used to flavour my meat with various species but all that’s now changed thanks to the range by Bait Tech. The Mighty Meat selection has texture and flavour totally nailed.

There’s four to choose from and I have all of them in my bag when I go out and they’ll be an essential bait this Autumn fishing the rivers for barbel and chub.

You can choose:

Boosted Luncheon Meat – packed with garlic and betaine.

Halibut Luncheon Meat – a great pellet smell.

Strawberry Luncheon Meat – a classic fruit option.

N-Tice Polony – with added betaine.

They all score on their day so it pays to mix and match but if I had to choose one to catch me a barbel on my next cast it would be the Polony version. Give ’em a try!