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Dan Woolcott with his big roach

Biggest roach of the season!

A dedicated specimen angler ended a two-year hunt for a giant roach in spectacular style when he landed a 3lb 11oz redfin. Kent rod Dan Woolcott … [Read More...]

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Spice up hemp with chillies

Red-hot tips to catch in the cold!

Commercial fisheries stay popular all year round…mainly because they’ll still produce even when the temperatures are so low.
In these colder conditions you’ll need to refine your approach to keep the bites coming.
Follow our advice and catch more this weekend!

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Avanti Hyperactive 300RD Hi Speed Match Reel

Avanti Hyperactive 300RD Hi Speed Match Reel

By John Wylie
“It’s crammed with features. I’d recommend it to anyone on a budget or getting into the sport.”