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Current IBF World Heavyweight Champion, AJ, has been fishing for the first time

Heayweight champ Joshua goes fishing!

One of the world's biggest sports' stars - heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua - has been fishing for the first time...and it looks like he's … [Read More...]

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Use maggots when trotting for roach.

25 brilliant bait tips!

You can have all the best tackle in the world but it counts for nothing if you don’t put the correct bait on your hook.
Let us help catch you more fish with 25 brilliant bait tips…

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Shakespeare Mach 2 XT RD 035 reel

Shakespeare Mach 2 XT Rear Drag 035 Reel

RRP £39.99 Now only £15 By Ron Holland “I going to keep this brief and to the point; this reel is an absolute belter! “I’d […]